Third Party IT server, storage and infrastructure maintenance

Sprint provide a cost-effective end-to-end solution for your hardware maintenance, making sure your server, network equipment and storage systems are working at their optimal performance.

We manage the systems of all the major players in the industry including, HP, Cisco, EMC and Juniper to name a few.

Prolong the life of your IT infrastructure and keep your operating costs low by choosing Sprint as your third-party maintenance provider.

Why choose us?

Whether you want full annual maintenance and support, or an interim monthly support model for specific projects, we can be sure we will be able to offer you a flexible agreement tailored to your needs.

Our bespoke maintenance, contracted SLA and break fix support for your end of life hardware is available to organisations globally.

We’re fast – the clue is in our name!

Sprint engineers will get you back up and running in the fastest time.

Simple system

We have a best in class ticketing system. It’s easy to log and monitor through to completion.


You’ll be updated frequently on the status of your issue and we’ll always ask for feedback so that we can continually improve our service to you.

Cost savings

You may not be aware, but companies can make big savings on the cost of post-warranty maintenance, by choosing a third party like Sprint to maintain their services when compared to that of the OEM.

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