Third party server maintenance from Sprint

If you server hardware fails, the cost in time and money that that you could lose as a business is difficult to imagine and that’s without the possible damage it could have on your reputation.

Sprint can take some of this anxiety away from you with our competitive solutions which minimise critical downtime. Once your manufacturers warranty comes to an end, we’ll continue maintaining your assets for you, maximising their value and prolonging their life for as long as possible.

We have experience with all the main brand manufacturers including:

  • Dell Server Maintenance
  • IBM Server Maintenance
  • HP Server Maintenance

We’ll bespoke your maintenance agreement to make sure you cover exactly what you need.

Why choose Sprint?

We’re fast – the clue is in our name!

Sprint engineers will get you back up and running in the fastest time.

Simple system

We have a best in class ticketing system. It’s easy to log and monitor through to completion.


You’ll be updated frequently on the status of your issue and we’ll always ask for feedback so that we can continually improve our service to you.

Get in touch today about your IT server maintenance requirements.

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