Planning an office relocation? We’ll help you move your IT, globally

IT relocation can be stressful but with good planning and an experienced team we can make the process as smooth as possible. Every office comes with its own set of challenges, such as as internet connections or finding space for your hardware and servers. We will help you navigate through the move from initial planning through to support on the day. We will go the extra mile to ensure its business as usual for you on day one.

Typical IT relocation requirements include:

  • Ordering and installing internet connection
  • Running new or additional network points and cables
  • Reinstall existing equipment at new site
  • Install an new equipment or software
  • Move and setup telephone systems including liaising with providers
  • We will work 24/7 to minimise disruption
  • Onsite support on moving day to ensure everything goes smoothly

If you’re planning an office move anywhere in the world. Get in touch and we’ll guide you through.

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