Secure data erasure and destruction service

Data Erasure

Data erasure (clearing/wiping) is a software-based process that completely overwrites the hard drive obscuring any residual data left on the device under several layers of meaningless code.

If you think about the amount of data that a business holds across its locations and all of its devices, its obvious that secure data erasure from all devices is critical when disposing of assets and/or information, making sure its carried out securely and compliantly.  100% secure data erasure services from Sprint, covers servers, laptops, loose drives, smartphones and more.

Data Destruction

Data destruction is the physical process of making a hard drive unusable. Arguably, this method could be carried out with a hammer and some hard work, but obviously not the safest and most efficient way, so we prefer to rely on punching and shredding machines to do the job. We’ll advise you on the best method for your data and explain the whole process.

Our erasure and destruction solutions ensure that all data from storage media is destroyed. We’ll provide you with a Certificate of Erasure or Destruction, backed up with our data security guarantee.

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